News & Events

7.29.17: Dr. Kenneth Gall, PhD (Duke University) Podium Presentation on porous PEEK, NASS Summer Spine Meeting San Diego, NV.

6.17.17:Dr. Frank Phillips, MD (Rush University) Podium Presentation titled “Getting Bone to Stick PEEK: The Role of Porosity on Improving Osseointegration” State Of Spine Meeting Los Cabos, Mexico.

6.13.17: Vertera Spine Receives New CMS ICD-10 Code for Radiolucent Porous Interbody Fusion Devices. Read the full release HERE.

5.13.17: Rob Isaacs, MD (Duke University) gave a podium presentation on the latest osseointegration and imaging capabilities of Vertera Spine’s porous PEEK at this year's Castellvi Spine Course in Duck Key, FL.

4.14.17: Dr. Kenneth Burkus, MD (Northside Hospital, Columbus, GA) Podium Presentation on “Surface Porous PEEK with Enhanced Osseointegration: Who Needs Metal?” ISASS17 Boca, Raton, FL.

2.22.17: Dr. Richard Fessler, MD (Rush University) presented on “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks: New Methods for Improving the Osseointegration of PEEK” Selby Sine Meeting Park City, UT.

11.21.16: Vertera Spine's COHERE Fusion Device Wins Award For Best Spine Technologies for 2016. Read the full release HERE.

10.24.16: Vertera Spine Reports Successful Early Outcomes with the Porous PEEK COHERE Fusion Device. Read the full release HERE.

10.14.16: Dr. Reginald Knight, MD (Cooperstown, NY) presented new research demonstrating that porous PEEK osseointegrates better than smooth PEEK at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) Annual Forum in Las Vegas.

7.1.16: Frank Phillips, MD presented new results on porous PEEK at this past at the State of Spine Surgery: A Think Tank Annual Symposium in Los Cabos, Mexico.

6.6.16: Vertera Spine Announces First Implantations of Porous PEEK COHERE Cervical Fusion Device. Read the full release HERE.

5.19.16: Rob Isaacs, MD (Duke University) spoke about porous PEEK’s innovative capabilities in a presentation entitled “Advancements in Implant Surface Technologies to Enhance Fusion: What Really Matters?” at this past Castellvi Spine Course in Duck Key, FL.

3.8.16: New research was presented at this past Orthopaedic Research Society (ORS) Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL showing that implants with surface porous PEEK resist instability better than smooth PEEK implants in a small animal model. Read the abstract HERE.

2.16.16: Duke Angel Network invests in medical device company Vertera Spine. Read the full release HERE.

1.12.16: Vertera Spine Founder Named to Forbes "30 Under 30" List. Read the full release HERE.